ZGV2 Gas Valve - Automated Assembly

The automated assembly line for Johnson Electric ZGV2 started in October 2021. More than half a million valves have been produced during the safe launch ramp-up phase.

White Paper

The H2 readiness of gas shut-off valves in gas meters

Smart Metering

Let Johnson Electric smart meter components make your energy management more efficient, secure and even remote controllable.

Smart Meter

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

Knowing future requirements in energy management makes Johnson Electric a partner of innovative and highly reliable relays, valves and components for smart meter systems – helping smart meter manufacturers to engineer and produce custom made solutions supporting energy suppliers to monitor & manage the consumption of electricity, gas and water. Lift your energy management to a new level.

Johnson Electric provides custom built disconnect relays for smart industrial power meters and domestic energy meters for a new stage of smart grid management.
Johnson Electric shut-off-valves enable highest flexibility in customizing and manufacturing remote controllable smart gas meters.
Johnson Electric offers a wide range of motors and gearbox solutions to manage water flow of smart water meters.


Smart Meter Relays

The Johnson Electric product line for electric smart meters and gateway extensions fulfils the requirements of the electric power industry and their smart grid initiative. The bi-stable and latching relays of Johnson Electric ZR product line are custom built to provide the highest electrical performance in a compact package.

Our compact bi-stable relays utilize innovative technology for precise switching, shortest bounce and switching times for highest life time reliability. Also the latching disconnect relays provide the highest magnetic resistance against external magnetic fields (tampering) as well as safe electrical operation.

  • 63 to 200 ampere switching capacity
  • Compact design and high compatibility
  • Fast remote switching
  • Lowest contact resistance for highest grid efficiency
  • Confirmed to IEC, ANSI and NMI standards


Smart Meter
Gas Valves

Johnson Electric is the industry’s leading manufacturer of remote controlled gas shut-off valves. Its innovative ball and linear valve designs for industrial and domestic gas meters facilitates zero flow resistances for highest grid efficiency.

The Johnson Electric ZGV product family offers lowest power and current consumption, lowest leakage rates and full operation to maximum pressure of 500 mbar. The gas valve is best fit for G1.6, G2.5, G4 and G6 gas meters and applicable for ATEX class 2, 1 and 0.

  • Highest grid efficiency with zero pressure drop
  • Easily integrated via plug-in bayonet adaptors
  • ATEX explosion proof design, no additional protection circuit necessary
  • Lowest operating current and energy consumption
  • SIL2 certified


Smart Meters
Water Valves
and Components

Johnson Electric offers a wide range of motor and gear systems to support remote controlled water shut-off applications. Johnson Electric provides product life cycle support from design to manufacturing & field performance for highest quality and reliability by design.

Johnson Electric is your partner, providing expertise in interdisciplinary fields, such as:

  • Motors – all technologies
  • Mechanics – gear trains, latch mechanism
  • Switches – microswitches
  • Electronics – drivers, software, application support
  • Components – vertical integration
  • Assembly – manual, semi & full automated
  • Application tests – life, performance, noise, HV
  • Approval – e.g. IEC 60947, UL 489
  • System design and dynamic simulation

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